Adventure of nebulandia

Watch high quality anime online. This soon gives way to a battle against the Marines on an island called Nebulandia that can nullify Devil Fruit powers. However, they leave behind an Eternal Pose. Foxy prepares to head out and rejoin the Straw Hats, but Porche and Hamburg want to stay behind, saying there is something they want to take back. Learn more More Like This.

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Meanwhile, Franky crawls low to the ground and discovers a hole that was located in the same place as the tower they destroyed.

Search for " One Piece: Komei tells Dojaku that he has no interest in being praised for his work, and prepares to hunt down the five remaining Straw Hats and Foxy. Nami uses another Heat Egg to surround Komei in flames, but he swears to wipe out evil so everyone can live in peace.

One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia -

Suddenly, everyone who ate the mushrooms turns gray and collapses. However, his crewmate Kansho asked to tag along, saying he wanted to help his new captain and assist his idol Usopp in long-distance combat.

The Marine lookouts spot them and report to Komei, who prepares to enact his second plan. The Straw Hat Pirates received an advertisement on a recreational island.

Adventure of Nebulandia

Franky tells Luffy that since there is a lot of machinery underground, they could use it to destroy the towers. The Straw Hats reluctantly accept, and choose to substitute Zoro in instead.

Share anime to your friends! Luffy apologizes to Foxy for being the only one to eat the Rebound Mushroom and Foxy apologizes to him for setting them up as the two make amends.

Toei Animation Date aired: Komei taunts Luffy, saying that he must overcome his maneuvers if he wants to save his friends. Crash landing on an island the crew decided to explore while some repairing is done. Brook decides to help find it as well, since he could detach his soul from his ot and look anywhere.

After finishing his broadcast, Komei talks to Dojaku about his wish for non-Devil Fruit users to capture Devil Fruit-eating pirates, and his plans along with the geography of the island finally allow him to do so. It also turns out that Luffy is alive due to a Foxy trinket blocking the bullet. They reach an island called Nebulandiawhich has a plant that traps Devil Fruit users and a seawater mist that robs them of their powers. Movies Best advenfure Worst: Luffy wakes up only to find out his precious straw hat is missing.

Luffy continuously ordered meals, right when the crew is in need for more money. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates reunite with the Foxy Pirates, and they become concerned about the rising seawater.

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Outside, Nami watches in shock as the area near the hole begins lighting up. However, Komei knew he would do that and covers the Sexy Foxy in reflective plating, causing the beam to reflect and hit everyone on the beach.

Nami shouts at him to not do it, but Zoro arrives and tells her that a man cannot back down adgenture a challenge like that. Spoilers - Do not post them! Luffy angrily accepts Komei's challenge and pulls himself to his feet, shocking Foxy and Nami. Foxy holds out his hand to Luffy to thank the pirate for fighting with him, but as Luffy goes to shake his hand, Foxy ends the cease-fire between them and fires a Noro Noro beam at him.

Luffy notices Foxy's Jolly Roger and comments on how terrible it looks, causing Foxy to get mad at him because Luffy himself drew it. However, Foxy comes and begs Luffy to let him come adcenture and save Porche and Hamburg, prostrating himself before the Straw Hats. These shortcuts only works with our main server and external servers that support the standard. The seawater being held back by the outer edges of the island seeps in, and Komei reveals that the entire basin is below sea level and he was willing to flood the entire island as a last resort.

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