Natalie brooks mystery at hillcrest high walkthrough

Keep the lights above the bats to move them downwards. This is your patter. After this click the broken light bulb and the mirrorframe - find the twelve mirror pieces and drag them onto the mirror frame. The easiest way to complete the puzzle is to switch the weights around after all of them had been placed on the board.

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Place the Spool on the rifle. Click on the pulsating square on the screen to end this chapter.

Click on the exposed wires in the front of the bus to trigger a mini-game. Place the Matches on the wood.

af The center of the pool table opens up after all the balls have been placed. This document contains a complete Natalie Brooks: Repair the Light switch.

Natalie Brooks Mystery at Hillcrest High Cheats and Walkthrough |

Pick up the Screwdriver inside the stove. The letter higu about hoisting the flag. Use the Box Cutter to cut the Painting out. Some notes about leaving Comments: Use the lift to go back to the office. Click on the stage to trigger a Hidden Object scene.

Place the lights below the bats to make them fly upwards.

Pick up the Matchbook on top of the Wardrobe. Click on the lower right side of the wall, close to the window and a safe will appear. The two pieces in the top symbols cannot be moved, start with those pieces first. The Fading Signal Walkthrough.

Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High Walkthrough |

Click on the coins that appear next to the piggy bank. Put out the Fire. I am told by Big Fish Games that this is a known hillcreat and that the developers of the game not Big Fish Games is working on it. Click on the stove for a closer view and you will receive a message that the timer is broken.

Pick up the Tin Can Lid inside the Manhole. There are no penalties for random clicking.

Natalie Brooks – Mystery at Hillcrest High Walkthrough

Turn on Lamp inside Wardrobe. The other key is. Place the Electronic Key in the Electronic Lock.

You will be automatically moved to the basket view. Your goal is to connect all the squares of the same color without any colors crossing each other.

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Can you please tell me, where you are? Left next to the board you can grab a towl Place the metal tub on the puddle in the middle of the room on the floor. Look at the symbols on the Lock and find them in the scene. Click on the Tire below the seat.

Follow Gamezebo on Twitter. Click on the window to exit the Cabin.

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