G d vashist lal kitab

A special gift for all of you from Gurudev G. Thank you Alok sharma Alok gmail. No one can tell you anything by date of birth or your name for your past or future.

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These scamsters thrive because India is a land full of people with blind beliefs. Please forward ur complaints with proof to me i will consolidate it. As per the site I requested for a refund which I have not got till ,al.

I called them promptly. Now even Indian scientists have sent a spaceship Mangalyaan to the planet Mars Mangal. Colonel KK Sharma Mob If you help some you already feel good and god will love you. Kitah every problem Indians seek some god to help them.

Do not pay this stupid baba's. Do ur best for ur gud karmas, GOD will help u for ur right intentions. The advanced countries did not get where they are with such beliefs.

Know Your Free Prediction - Lal Kitab Amrit GD Vashist - Yes I can Change

If you feel its scam then aware all about these scam on different kitwb networking site like Facebook and twitter if they are not ready to respond. Hii to all frends I am filing an FIR shortly against this fraud, and also discussing with lawyer to book him for fraud again people who have some faith in astrology.

Dimag se kaam lo. If you are buy books or pay enter fee to see baba.

They are fraudulently looting innocent people of their money. Thank you Alok sharma Alok gmail.

download Yes I Can Change file

With the hope to get right study by Mr vashisht I entered his room he saw my horoscope and wrote five six remedies which were already printed on the lal kitab when I asked about my health other question he never replied just after 10 minutes theek hai, theek hai bol kar finished the session without giving any satisfactory or single answer about my question and finished. This app has been written in Hindi for Hindi readers only. You all are fools who ordered lal kitab. A special gift for all of you from Gurudev G.

Vashist Ji on the occasion of Navratras, if you have ever purchased Lal Kitab Amrit or any other product from us and you wish to know anything else about yourself or regarding some problem, then starting from 1st May, Wednesday, you can meet G. This shows the seriousness about their product. After once watching this Lal Kitab scam ad on TV I thought of searching on forums to see if people have already been defrauded and not surprisingly I find many are.

The reports are contracdictory at lot of places. Please i would like to get a refund as there is no information in this book. Hi I placed order for the forcast from Yes ican Change and asked for specific questions.

It is a online generated report without any inputrs from Mr. I asked for a report regarding profession. I was directed from one department to the other and was finally told that I can email them and if they see fit, they may give me a reply. Vsahist is believed to kotab Persian origins and has led to field of remedial astrology known as Lal Kitab remedies, that is simple remedies for various planetary afflictions in the horoscope or birth chart, which have over the years become part of the folk traditions of the region, that includes North India and Pakistan.

Gurudev G D Vashist - World famous astrologer: Mini Lal Kitab amrit

This guy and nirmal baba and asha ram and shri shri whatever they are stupid, thief. But when i received the forcast, i doesnot cover anything.

I I would suggest all the people dont go to Mr vashisht to save your hard earned money he dont know any thing about the astrology aur aap jab wahan se waapis aaynge to aap ko dukh hi dukh mehsoos hoga aur kuch nahin.

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