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Log in to continue. Ready to log in? Here are the links: Two thumbs up here! Earn SolidProfessor Technical Certificates and confidently prepare for software certification.

It's much cheaper than VAR training and as some have said, you can always go back to the topics for review. Plus if you forget something you can watch it again anytime.

SolidProfessor Premium now includes Flow Simulation!

I purchased the SolidWorks training manuals used on eBay from someone who's company could afford the expensive reseller training. I've used it, and found it very good.

Solid professor has now changed the way you watch the files. Your comment has been submitted and will be reviewed by the MySolidWorks team. This means that some functions may not work as expected. The narrator does a good job of explaining everything without sounding blah.

This doesn't help people at work when bandwidth is restricted due to the latest economic restrictions on all of us. I just bought and started to use the Premium version of SolidProfessor along with a student version of SolidWorks at home to bolster my skill set.

I have taken the VAR training and it's too much, too fast and I just got confused. I've seen a lot of SolidWorks video training and feel SolidProfessor video training is the best video training available for SolidWorks. I'm currently waiting on an answer from solid professor if they are going to change their thinking. Thank you for your feedback!

I really like solidprofessor alot as it shows you exactly how to use solidworks.

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So far, I really like the SolidProfessor program. Check out some of our most popular courses. Love to watch the lessons mulitple times so I can premiim a grip on things that I am weak on.

Now I use SolidProfessor as my training partner. I was lucky enough solidpdofessor be able to review SolidProfessor for my blog. Solidprofessro have it and prejium it for new employees and update training. It feels like you have your own personal tutor sitting next to you with showing mouse clicks and voice over. We have the edition installed on a common station for all who need to use it and for new hires. Thank you for responding.

Sure you can't ask it questions, but that's what this forum is all about, right? You must have an Internet connection. Works great for both intro and fresh or the "Oh I didn't know that" question. Teams Empower your team to excel Go to market faster with reduced design cycles Close skills gaps to work more efficiently Maximize ROI on your software investment Build a future-proof workforce.

SolidProfessor Announces New Courses, Expanded Access for Members

Return here to log in. Doesn't bore the viewer and viewer can mark their place for when they want to come back and finish later or for just future reference. You can spend 5 days at the VAR training, and hope to remember what you learned when you need it, or use Solidprofessor and solidpdofessor back to the exact item you need to review whenever you want.

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