Aaradhna treble and reverb

The ultimate luxury for the biggest stars is to be able to randomly release an album without warning. Read the article Second Time Lucky? Bobs your Uncle This song is about a lady that lies to her man, Bob aint her uncle,terry's not her cousin, kevin aint her brother 'aka' Shes playin up lol. Short, Composer, Writer Copyright:

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Short, Composer, Writer trsble A. Cool Shoes I've been bullied when i was young,treated like an outcast,i've been gossiped about and treated as if i wasn't cool enough, so i wrote this song. Leclerc card Add to basket.

Treble & Reverb (Deluxe Edition) | Aaradhna – Download and listen to the album

Tupa'i, Composer, Writer - D. Wadams, Composer, Writer - T. On September 23rd a great voice of Soul music passed away. Patel, Teverb, Writer - E.

Tryna keep it cool. Tupa'i, Composer, Writer - N. Scholar, Composer, Writer Copyright: Patel, Composer, Writer - P. Heintz, Composer, Writer Copyright: About Album description 1 disk - 27 tracks - Total length: After having written songs for Rihanna, Cher, Christina Aguilera and the Backstreet Boys, Laura Pergolizzi, aka LP, started her career as a solo artist in and has now released her fifth album.

You dont love me anymore I had a dream about this song and had to write it out revdrb i woke up. Lorena Bobbitt I wrote this song cos I have a love for crime stories Lorena Bobbitt is one crazy lady.

Larry Legend I Want U. This is the scorned lady's anthem 5. See all tracks 27 Export playlist to the new widget. Holmes, Composer, Writer - L. Crying Like a Wolf Breaking up with someone but not meaning it. The Teskey brothers come from Australia.

Aaradhna - Treble and Reverb

Im not the Same This song I wrote after going through a big stage of depression, this is the aftermath of it. Archie, Composer, Writer Copyright: Wadams, Composer, Writer Copyright: Fire Burning Love Trying to get out of the routine and get that feeling that was there when we first started. Audino, Composer, Writer - L. Wadams, Composer, Writer - A.

Aaradhna, Performer - P. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Patel, Composer, Writer - G.

Aaradhna Welcome to the Jungle. Holmes, Composer, Writer - D.

Wadams, Composer, Writer - E. Short, Composer, Writer Copyright:

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