Revenge 2x05

Their chat is cut short by a surprise visitor. As always, he was trying to protect her. Jack believes the guy is a businessman who just wants to get his money back.

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She rushes over to the hospital when she hears Amanda is awake. Emily says it was the right thing to 205. She also learns that her mom was married to Gordon Murphy. This may be true. Their chat is cut short by a surprise visitor. This may not be possible now that the snooping Mason Treadwell believes the new mom who claims to be Amanda Clarke is not who she says she is. Emily watches this new family from outside the hospital room. A choked up Emily listens from just outside the doorway.

A more complete gallery can be found here. Sign In Don't have an account? Her dad told her that her mother was gone. Jack believes the guy is a businessman who just wants to get his money back. A short time later, the Stowaway is cleared to open. As always, he was trying to protect her.

Amanda ends up forgiving her. Meanwhile Jack's sense of duty grows exponentially, and Padma makes a move that could have eevenge ramifications for Nolcorp.

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Victoria is shocked when Kara Clarke walks through her front door. Emily now knows why her father lied.

And to be without sin requires absolute forgiveness. We flashback to see that David Clarke saved his daughter the day Kara tried to drown her. It rings when Kara tries to call her dead hubby. The two of them are together when news comes in that Rvenge is out of her coma.

The ever-smarmy, always bow-tied Mason Treadwell is back. As for Nolan, a phone call from Emily lets him know that Padma has been digging into things behind his back.

Any future additions should be done there. She relays the story of how her mom tried to kill her. Aiden assures Ems that he makes a far better partner than enemy. Padma made the query.


Forgiveness Season 2, Episode 5. She lets her know that she believes Amanda wants to forgive her. Emily wants Amanda to tell Kara that she needs to leave.

But when your memories are freshly opened wounds, forgiveness is the most unnatural of human emotions. In the present, Emily offers to let the new mom stay at her place for awhile. Retrieved from " http: Out on the beach, Emily is startled when Kara steps up beside her.

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