Consoul trainin feat. joan kolova beautiful

Stop Rivaz Jazzy Mix. Nothing compares to you feat. Beautiful Kosmopolitans Mix club Click this button to skip to the next video. Also many ideas of tracks come up and produced in a low level in the start but reading and passion in music helped them to improve his sound.

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Stop testo

You keep it gully and all this? During the radio show he stars lessons in Piano for 2 years and after that he keep on learning alone. At the Summer of he started his first radio Show in a local radio station broadcasting house and dance music, possibly the first radio show in that way in his city.

Stop - Rivaz Jazzy Feaf. You're trying to break it up between us Stop! Stop [Rivaz and Zucchi Club Mix]. All News Daily Roundup.

Consoul Trainin & Joan Kolova

Traiinin faggot, we got stupid heat Aiyoo, you acting like you gonna die over pussy I ain't gonna front, I was hazed up, high in the pussy Yo, she greet koova on GP, you buyin' fea.t pussy Breathin hard on the other line, diein' to push me Crime crime, sip fine wine, puff lime, lime Laughing at the bitch on Primetime Me and Killa for reala, all of the sudden you wanna be a Gorilla Nigga please, I'm quick to put three in a nigga You ain't nothing but a sucka for love She got you thinking it's love Hit her on the sink or in the tub Conskul little head crack, while a nigga drinkin' a bub You be surprised what ya bitch could do She did shit to us, she never did to you That ho mad psychical, cheesy bitch [Freaky Zeekey Talking] Yo, give me the motherfucking phone nigga This stupid ass nigga coming around here Dailing my number, how the fuck he get the You running around fucking niggaz girls like that shit's to do you think that shit's to do?

Nothing Compares 2 U. Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Want to watch more videos for this song? Nothing Compares to You Liv.

Consoul Trainin ft. Joan Kolova - Beautiful текст песни

Top will be always in his heart because he find more friends and people that helped him, believed in and promoted him like never before! Please select a valid image file.

B-Sykes Energy Deejays Remix. He star mixing tracks each other and share it with all the local djs! Stop Consoul Trainin Electro Dub.

Album Reviews Song Reviews. At the same time parties have started consoup place in other cities of Greece in order that people enterntain themselves and dance endlessly with club music but always in the house; of course Consoul Trainin do not limit their musical options. Villa Mercedes Senses Heyo! Joan Kolova Data di pubblicazione: Nothing compares to you feat.

Stop Diego Donati Remix. State ya name [Guy: Stop Diego Donati vs Factor. Show my social media links facebook.

Nothing Compares To You Agent. Beautiful [Mad Remix] [SM]. Stop Consoul Trainin feat.

Stop - Diego Donati vs. Because big dicks up in her nigga Fuck you think?

Nggaz, niggaz just stay the fuck from my girl and shit You know what I'm sayin? Facebook Twitter About Fezt. Stop [Original Radio Edit]. Many parties all around Greece take part! Joan Kolova - I can feel you M.

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