Epic rap battles of history master chief vs leonidas

Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Master Chief was hinted to be in Season 2 at the end of the battle.

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Master Chief is stating that this will be a painful battle for Leonidas, but Chief will end it mercifully early for him.

Master Chief vs Leonidas. I am not your King. Tolkien vs George R.

Master Chief was placed in cryogenic hibernation as the Pillar of Autumn, the spaceship he was on, mastee fleeing the besieged planet Reach and was under hot pursuit by hostile forces. Leonidas is saying that Chief does this because he has no self-confidence. It was released on January 31st, Leonidas is implying that even his six-year-old son is stronger than Master Chief, and that he was more challenged in the training he had with his son rather than the battle battes has with Master Chief.

The story still continues. They're going to show Master Chief who the manlier oc are. Gabe Michael and Dante Cimadamore as Spartans. Sign In Don't have an account? Nice Peter as Master Chief. Sure, I always wear this helmet, but don't get it twisted, underneath I'm one sexy super soldier.

Master Chief makes fun of his build by saying he's a caveman version of Fabio, since he came from the B. Sign In Don't have an account? Chief is also referring to the common first-person shooter tactic of staying in one spot to achieve more kills, or "camping".

From a young age, Spartans were trained to be warriors. Cortana says you're Greek, bathles why don't you stick these lyrics up your ass? A stereotypical gamer is also seen as a nerdy young man who normally plays first-person shooter games, such as Halo msater, which shows the game viewed in first-person perspective.

Epic Rap Battles of History. Took a campaign to your house and showed your queen my plasma cannon! Wake me, when you need me. I've had better battles with my six-year-old son! Master Chief wears protective armor, but it doesn't come close to Leonidas' powerful musculature. Cortana is Chief's companion, an A. Nice Peter as Master Chief. Either way, it'll leonidxs quick and painless.

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As a result, when Master Chief gives out his raps, Leonidas will just evade them and be able to fight back at him. Lipton is a brand of tea most often sold in bags, so Master Chief says that he'll give more teabags than Lipton produces.

They built a monument to my sins. You will not enjoy this. During this scene, he epiic yells his famous line, "This is Sparta!

Master Chief vs Leonidas/Rap Meanings

After he defeats him, Leonidas will stomp battls Chief's face with his sandals, since the ancient Greeks didn't have any other footwear. Contents [ show ]. John later faces the Didact, a last remaining individual of the Forerunners, who wants to turn humanity into machines, to prevent the Flood from feeding on them.

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