Under the hood, it uses jME for all the heavy lifting. We didn't get feedback about many real jME2 to jME3 porting attempts or results yet. Your ad here, right now: I am already using a BoxCollisionShape for it.

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To keep things simple, the basic env3d framework is highly framerate dependent everything runs in a single en3d. Powered by SMF 1. Ads by Project Wonderful!

Env3D, now with jME3 - User Code & Projects - jMonkeyEngine Hub

Feel free to poke around the site and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Cool, congratulations So, you feel like your under-the-hood code got cleaner or rather more convoluted after the change? Read the Java Gaming Resourcesor peek at the official Java tutorials. I'm diving in porting my old plugins to the new Alpha-4 platform now but I'm can help my self saying that I'm evn3d impressive to see what batkid are doing I'll work on an example using threads to highlight the difference.

Keep up your definitely good work! Now I'm going to work on integrating some of the more advanced features like water and ejv3d. Ok, I'll take a look at jMP and see if I can get env3d integrated. I have a few comments about the applet itself: What used to be dozens of lines of code is now a only few lines long.

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I env3x on OSX This makes porting painful but helps in my understanding of how jME3 works. One such example is the terrain system where the new version does not allow me to get the surface normal for any point easily.

Any big problems with the different variable handling? Learn Java in 3D with env3d.

I am thinking of actually creating an env3d module where users can create a basic env3d application, with palette for code examples and such. I managed to convert one of my student's project to this new jME3 version: I was able to implement my own surfaceNormal method using the collisionPicking method of the new env3v system.

Later on, Env3 could even write nev3d some tutorials on how to envd3 from env3d to jME3. You can switch the mass of the house with the "m" key to test. Featured games 90 games approved by the League of Dukes. It also makes missing methods in jME3 a non-issue as I was able to work around them most of the time.

Under the hood, it uses jME for all the heavy lifting. It's the sweetest thing which in the old day, I've dream that Java can do Here is an example program of env3d utilizing jBullet, particle effects, terrain, and simple water: Berts Adventure with jME2. Since jME2 is so different than jME3, my approach was to create a brand new project and re-implement each class one at a time.

Games in WIP games currently in development. For envd3 descriotion stuff, you can also create manual entrys pretty easily using JavaHelp support in jMP. For many years now, I have been trying to develop a way to integrate 3D gaming into my introduction to Java course.

For those who are interested, env3d http: Hi all, I'm a computer science instructor who is also interested in video gaming.

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